On January 25, 2018, exactly 3 years ago, a particular indie title arrived on the market: celeste. The platformer of Matt Makes Games has broken through the hearts of fans and even the less experienced of the genre, thanks to an exciting story, characters with problems and fears probable and some options that can reduce the skill gap necessary to enjoy the game. To celebrate the third anniversary, the creator Maddie Thorson issued a sequel to the original title, available on the indie platform Pico-8.

A little one expansion of the original prototype, with the problems that can arise with a prototype, but it's still there: available and playable for free. But be warned: this is simply a little giveaway for fans of the game, and it's by no means the teaser for a possible sequel. Sequel that most likely will never come, especially after the conclusion of the Farewell DLC.

Now it's your turn! What do you think of Celeste? What is your favorite moment of the Madeline adventure? And your favorite OST? For this last question, I would like to open the dance with a bang!