Scavengers Studio, the developer behind games like Seasons and the ill-fated The Darwin Project, has been deemed by more than nine former employees a toxic environment and the scene of various unacceptable behaviors. Attitudes that, apparently, involve the big boys of the software house. It is scandal.

Scavengers Studio Harassment Maltreatment Seasons The Darwin ProjectEverything was documented by the journalist from Rebekah Valentine and sees as protagonists Simon Davreau (Creative Director) and the CEO of the software house Amelie Lamarche, who apparently was aware of his colleague's behavior.

Here is a brief summary: the former Ubisoft Davreau, along with his other collaborators, would have expressed some Comments sexists towards the team members interviewed. Indeed, some of the stories in the article tell of groping and other abuse of a sexual nature, with Davreau justifying his actions defining himself as a dog in heat.

In response, Scavengers Studio released a series of new rules its code of conduct, to facilitate the reporting of suspicious behavior. But will this be enough to stop these indecencies?