VR headsets have been one of the most extraordinary technological innovations in the field of peripherals. However, they are still not exactly as we imagined them. Even if the visual immersion is total, the use of controllers, however adequate for the purpose, is still an obstacle to a “true” virtual reality experience.

Valve, which already produces the most advanced headset on the market, seems to be intent on overcoming this barrier. In an interview with 1 News Gabe Newell he explained in detail the projects Valve is putting his hand to, projects that revolve around OpenBCI Galea.

BCI stands for Brain Computer interface, brain-computer interface. Galea is an open source project that aims to create a device that directly interprets the signals of the brain, bypassing the body to get directly to the source of the information.

OpenBCI Galea
Illustrative image of OpenBCI's Galea project

This collaboration should allow developers to analyze and interpret signals from the central nervous system. According to Newell, every developer should prepare to have a test kit of this technology available by 2022. 

The interview continues with very extreme claims about the "Low quality" of "peripherals" through which we perceive the world around us (eyes and ears). The experience this new technology could provide would make the real world gray and flat.

cyberpunk 2077 he just had time to go out and reality seems ready to overcome him.