Katsuhiro Harada, producer of Pokkén Tournament, has expressed his hidden desire to work on a sequel to the title. Unfortunately, the decision is not up to him, nor to Bandai Namco.
Exactly as now happens in most of the statements, it all stems from a simple question posed on the Twitter profile of the Japanese developer. Harada therefore replied to a user intending to ask about the possibilities of a sequel to the lucky Pokémon-themed fighting game launched on Nintendo Wii U and Switch.
“We have a good relationship with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company and POKKÉN has had a great response in the market, so I'd love to work on it again. But they decide on this. "
Clearly, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company will decide on the future of the Pokkén Tournament brand. What is certain is that it would be really curious and singular for a relatively successful title to be abandoned after only one chapter.