On yesterday's day, theEuropean Union fined various digital publishers to an overall fine of well 7.8 million euroValveCapcomBethesdaBandai Namco, Focus Home e Koch Media were pinched by the anti-trust because of the Geo-Blocking incorporated into the Steam.

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For those who do not know, in fact, the terms of service of the digital delivery platform of Lord Gaben Newell prohibit players from purchasing video games outside your geographic region. This means that an Italian user in theory cannot buy games at a reduced price, as it happened some time ago with Horizon: Zero Dawn in Brazil, without using a VPN.

However, this limitation it is a clear violation of European laws, which allow citizens to take advantage of the best offers available across the continent. At the moment Valve has remained silent on the subject, and it is not clear what will happen in the future or if this sanction will lead the software house to carry out drastic changes to the Steam TOS.