The developers of STALKER 2 commented on the in-engine trailer released several weeks ago, adding some really interesting details that could give the idea of ​​what could become another cult of the genre.

The first consideration, actually obvious considering the title of the video, is the name of the title's protagonist: Skif. In the trailer, our virtual alter-ego is intent on visiting the rooms of the remains of a school located in a peripheral area of ​​the city of Pripyat. In the final part of the video it is possible to notice a sort of storm; well that it is not a scripted event. During the whole adventure proposed in STALKER 2 the player will have to deal with a storm of radioactive emissions. This event is cyclical and seamless.

At the first signs of the arrival of the emissions it will therefore be necessary to find a shelter for the poor Skif as, needless to say, this storm risks being lethal for the character under the player's control.