Despite the 19 years of activity, Final Fantasy XI continues to be supported by Square Enix and continues to be played by thousands of players. And during 2021, the director of the game Akihiko Matsui will continue to release updates, like that announced for the months of January e February. The director specified that all this information would be deepened during a livestream, canceled due to the global pandemic.

Final Fantasy XI Square Enix MMORPG UpdateThis new update will add new Notorious Monsters, creatures belonging to the world of Final Fantasy XI that - if beaten within a certain time limit - will give the player one new game currency in order to further improve your equipment.

Furthermore, it will be possible to face a new scenario of the storyline Voracious Resurgence, set in the city of San d'Oria. Finally, several new outfits will be part of the login bonus during this month.