The live event organized by Capcom dedicated to the latest news on Monster hunter rise, the latest installment in the series coming to Nintendo Switch il March 26 2021. Let's see together the latest news introduced in the new trailer.

The new trailer starts with a small recap of the activities and facilities available in the Resort di Kamura then focus on the monsters that inhabit the area of Frost Islands. In addition to the fearsome and terrifying Gross Harag, they make their return Lagombi, Khezu, Great Baggi, Mizutsune e Tigerx. And it is with the Monster Hunter 4 flagship that Capcom has introduced the new mechanics of the Wyvern Riding.

After weakening the monster (whether through Skill Silkbind or through turf warfare with other monsters), the hunter will be able to ride and pilot monsters such as the Rathalos and use them as a means of transport or as a weapon against monsters like the new flagship: the Magnamalo.

Finally, from today until February 1 2021, players will be able to experience the new game mechanics first hand with a demo coming to the Nintendo eShop. The demo consists of 2 tutorials and 2 missions, with the latter being tackled in single or multiplayer online.