Initially released in 1996 su Cabin cruisers Arcade e SNES, Street fighter alpha 2 is considered to be one of the most popular games in the fighting game series Capcom, with many of his characters introduced in this chapter continuing to appear within more recent chapters. Between these, Shin Akuma built a real myth around him, being a more aggressive and dangerous version of the master of Satsui no Hado not playable without using external tools ... until today.

What you see is in fact the new official method to unlock this new fighter within the SNES version of the game, without the use of particular external cheats or trainers. The method, discovered by mistake by the modder Gizaha consists in:

  • Complete Arcade mode with the best possible score
  • Save the High Score with the name "KAJ"
  • Insert a second controller and use it by holding down the Down, L, X, Y and START keys while the first player will have to navigate the game menu;
  • Once you reach the character selection screen, select Akuma while holding down the START button;
  • If you follow these steps correctly, Akuma's in-game day will turn purple and allow you to use this stronger version.

As mentioned by the modder himself - he was simply looking for a way to improve game performance - Shin Akuma can also be used in Arcade mode, but once you get to the last stage players may encounter graphical glitches.