In the past hours Mojang Studios e Microsoft have announced and Minecraft Earth, the augmented reality mobile app, will officially close its doors next June 2021.

The title released in 2019 promised to ride the wave of AR games like Pokémon GO, transporting the cuby universe of Minecraft to the real world. Minecraft Earth, however, has never found the success hoped for, and this motivation, combined with the fact that the global pandemic of Covid-19 has made it practically impossible to exploit the main feature of the AR title (outdoor exploration and collaboration with friends), led Mojang to the decision of close permanently game services next June.

From that date it will no longer be possible to download the app from the stores, and player accounts will be deleted even for those who already have it on their device. Fortunately, those who have made microtransactions on the title will see its Rubies transformed into equivalents Minecoins to spend on Minecraft, as well as receiving a compensation free copy of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.