Microsoft is looking for suggestions on how to improve the Xbox Series X gaming experience and it does so through a new survey recently sent to some players.

The questionnaire starts with some simple feedback questions about Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S: whether the console has met the expectations of the players, is it quality or if the supplied hardware is fast enough to be defined Next-gen.

Coming to the end of the survey some begin to be asked burning questions, which go to compare the new Box X with PlayStation 5, asking the players if "I am aware of the new features of the PS5 controllers", obviously referring to the Dualense and the various criticisms leveled against the Xbox Series X / S joypad, featuring an identical design to the controllers of its predecessors.

Microsoft is also planning to release a new controller with Adaptive Triggers in the next years? The time has come to review the patent dedicated to Force Feedback on Xbox One released in 2019?