The MediumThe Medium, probably the most anticipated title of January, is back in a long gameplay about 14 minutes in which an interesting technical sector is highlighted and some meetings with "The Maw", the entity that will hunt down the player throughout the course of his adventure.

La new work horror by Bloober Team, which has strong references to the imagination of Silent Hill (not surprisingly the soundtrack is curated by Akira Yamaoka) will offer two modes of use on PC as regards Ray Tracing: Performance and Quality. Clearly the second will be the most demanding in terms of hardware requirements and the Polish team has specified that it will only be aimed at owners of high-end GPUs. Reassurances then came for the owners of the old hard drives: although it is highly recommended to install the game on an SSD, this will remain perfectly usable on old mechanical supports, but compromising with longer loads and some sporadic cases of inevitable texture pop-in.

The Medium will be available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC starting January 28 and will be in the Xbox Game Pass catalog since day one.