Imagine: you are inside theIKEA Store closer to you and you are looking for a new piece of furniture that can support your new one PS5 o Xbox Series X - if you are one of the lucky ones who own these consoles - but there is a problem: you don't know the exact measurements of the new toys. Well, IKEA has thought of you too!

IKEA PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X PS5 Mobile ReplicasWhat you see are gods cardboard replicas in 1: 1 scale of the new consoles just released. In the case of PS5 however, the replica seems to be slightly larger of the original, allowing the customer to evaluate the positioning of the luminaire also taking into account the space needed for the cooling system.

What makes you smile about this operation are the comments on the hardbacks such as: "Which of these IKEA pieces of furniture will be able to house my new and incredibly bulky console? ". How nice.