And on the seventh day, Epic did not rest. Indeed, it continues to bombard us with free and limited offers. Today's title is a familiar name to all management fans: Tropico 5.

“Return to the remote island of Tropico in the new episode of the critically acclaimed and adored 'dictator simulator' episode. Extend your house's dominance from the early colonial period to the 21st century and beyond by facing a new set of challenges, mastering advanced business dynamics, discovering new scientific advancements and technologies, and exploring the game world. And, for the first time in Tropico history, enjoy cooperative and competitive multiplayer, with matches up to 4 players! "

Also, for the occasion all expansions of the title can be purchased at a low price.

Like any other offer, you need to log into your account Epic Games Store to be able to redeem it. And tomorrow? Christmas Eve will bring us Inside.