A little less than three months after the fourth anniversary of the launch of the Nintendo Switch on the market, Doug Bowser has announced that the small hybrid console has finally reached half of its life cycle.

It doesn't seem that long has passed, but the Nintendo flagship in question has actually already served four years of service. Speaking on this, the president of the American division of the company said that they have just entered the intermediate phase of the useful life of the Nintendo Switch.

"CWe will continue to rely on the gaming experience offered to users even as we enter what will be the fifth year of Nintendo Switch. And as Mr. Furukawa said, we believe we are only halfway through the life cycle of this platform."

That two figures of the most important figures of the company can only assume the residual longevity of their product would seem strange. We therefore believe that most likely they have a clear understanding of the situation and the statements just reported may be a direct consequence.