The free offers of epic Games for the Christmas season. And as predicted by the leak of the last days, Defense Grid: The Awakening is the new title available for free for the next 24 hours.

Today's title is such a pearl Tower Defense coming from the past! Indeed, the official page of Steam has a review score of 10/10, something unthinkable in the era of review bombing. But back to the game:

"Defense Grid: The Awakening is the ultimate tower defense game capable of attracting players of varying skill levels. A horde of enemies is invading you and it will be up to you, as the player, to try to stop it by building fortification towers strategically around their base. The controls are intuitive and the gameplay deep: the special attacks and properties of each tower work in synergy to provide different ways to triumph. "

I recommend: to take advantage of this offer you need to log in to your account Epic Games Store. And tomorrow? Tomorrow it will be the turn of Alien: Insulation!