FIFA 21 it's not a perfect game. For years now, the simulation title of EA Sports seems to have taken the path of "Never change a winning team", changing very little within its gameplay formula, with bugs and glitches which meanwhile begin to accumulate relentlessly, especially within the modality FIFA Ultimate Team.

There is a working replacement for the Squad Battles Fake Shot. Works on All Difficulties including Ultimate. from FIFA

As documented by various users over the past few days, the Squad Battles - high difficulty single matches against community created teams - would contain a exploit able to give easy victories to the crafty ones. The method? Simple: score a single goal, make several back passes towards the goalkeeper and, once in possession of the goalkeeper, pass the ball to an empty area of ​​the field. Et voila!

As also shown inside the video posted on Reddit, the match will enter a situation of stall, with the opposing CPU stopped and unable to attack and start on the break. A bit like that old trick that was used during the minigame of the Blitzball in Final Fantasy X.

That it is an Electronic Arts way of teasare the arrival of Besaid Aurochs within FIFA? We do not know, as at the moment we do not know if EA is already working on any fixes to the problem.