As every year, Overwatch renews the appointment with the themed event Magical Winter, offering its players new skin for their favorite heroes. However, this year they seem to be there too few news on the horizon for the title Blizzard.

Like every year, with the start of the event set for today 15 December the classic methods will be reopened Mei's Snowball Offensive, an exclusive 6 on 6 for all Mei Main, the all against all Snowball Deathmatch and 6 vs 1 Yeti Hunter. All of these modes will have the map as their only arena Ecopoint: Antarctica. Continuing to talk about Mei, here is the new unlockable skin this year:

Unfortunately, at the moment this is the new skin Toybot Zenyatta seem to be the only news of the event. Obviously, the news will be updated as soon as Blizzard releases new updates.

For all interested in the event, get ready to connect this evening to find out what other surprises Blizzard will have in store for players.