The launch of cyberpunk 2077, the latest title developed by the Polish house CD Project Red, it was not the best. Counting the various bugs encountered by players and little optimization on old-gen consoles, shareholders do not seem satisfied with the shares falling on the stock exchange 11,46% (for the time being) and forcing the upper floors of the company to declare mea culpa for the failure, despite the 8 million pre-order.

CD Projekt RED Cyberpunk 2077 Keanu ReevesAccording to what is written by Adam Badowski in an email sent to the development team and sent to Bloomberg, the management would have "Underestimated the difficulties in making the project a reality, despite the team's efforts to release an ambitious and special game."

For this reason, Badowski announced that will change its policy regarding i bonus, previously linked to the average of the marks of the various reviews on metacritic and who saw 90/100 as minimum goal. With the new policy, all employees will enjoy the bonus despite the postponements of the title and the fluctuating reviews.

Always within the email, the structure of these bonuses applied during game development: every month, team leaders would give a token special to deserving employees, thus encouraging practices such as crunch.