Cyberpunk 2077 CD Projekt RED Night CityCyberpunk 2077 is reality. The videogame blockbuster of CDProjekt RED has seen the light and, net of some rather limp versions (on all those PS4 and Xbox One), the impact on the public has been simply incredible.

According to what is stated by CDPR itself in a tweet, the title is already in the hands of as many as 8 million players.

Even on Steam, the concurrent player count regularly hits a record high of over a million users who are already walking the streets of Night City. These are simply exceptional numbers, which underline the gargantuan scale of the production. To get an idea, just think that a title like Control currently has 2 million total copies sold since its launch about a year ago, and that Doom Eternal he registered "only" 3 million copies sold on day one.

In thanking the public for their trust, CDProjekt RED reminded that Cyberpunk 2077's journey is only just beginning and they are already hard at work making a whole host of bug fixes and updates to their new work.