As you may recall, a few weeks ago Nintendo canceled The Big House online tournament due to some flaws related to the use of the mod Slippy to Super Smash Bros. Melee. As a sign of solidarity, several players of Splatoon 2 they showed up at the last North American Open organized by Nintendo with username in honor of the protest #FreeMelee. Nintendo's response? Clear tournament-related livestreams of course.

According to the commentator's words slimy, more than 30% of the teams present at the finals had usernames like "Element fRee Melee""Meleenation" or simply "#FreeMelee" leading Nintendo and the Battlefy tournament organizer to cancel the airing of the finals. According to several discord messages that arrived later, the cancellation of the livestream was decided for some "Unexpected executive problems".

Obviously, this hasn't stopped the protests of the players who, through the new hashtag #FreeSplatoon, they claim the lack of support of the Kyoto company towards the competitive community of their titles. And to think that one of the highlights of the first Nintendo Switch trailer it was precisely the interest in the export scene. What will have changed?

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