As reported in some documents attached to a legal case and filed by Activision Blizzard, the software house would have sued Netflix for having "stolen" an important executive.

The story dates back to 2018, when the Activision's chief financial officer Blizzard Spencer Neumann he left his job to fill the same role for the popular streaming service.

In a lawsuit started yesterday Activision's lawyers argue that Netflix has repeatedly violated California state law in doing so. All this would also have occurred while Activision was negotiating an agreement with Netflix, procedure which I fell under the supervision of Neumann himself. The negotiations were supposed to lead to the production of a Diablo-based show.

What Activision Blizzard hopes to achieve with this lawsuit is first and foremost an injunction that discourages Netflix from repeating these behaviors. Secondly, it would also have the objective of financial compensation for the damage caused by Spencer Neumann's farewell.

This isn't the first time Netflix has been accused of similar behavior. Fox and Viacom in the past have also denounced the streaming service's unfair attitude in approaching executives from other companies with job offers.