The new World of Warcraft Classic update introduces the endgame raid of Naxxramas. Players will have to face the floating necropolis, Kel'Thuzad base of operations, located above the Plaguelands.

The dungeon is designed for up to forty players, with outer areas dotted with intermediate bosses and a central area with final challenges. During the adventure it will be possible to find a set of nine pieces for each class, as well as powerful unique items. To participate in the raid you must be of the highest level. 

In parallel, the event also continues Scurge Invasion, also for level 60 characters, in which it is possible to fight the hordes of the Scourge that are invading Azeroth.

Although many thought that WoW Classic was just a nostalgia operation, Blizzard confirmed its long-term plans for the game, ensuring that players are maintaining interest even more than a year after its release.