Xbox Series X Series S PlaystationThat Xbox Series X and Series S they are very valid machines it does not rain, but apparently they have also been able to show unexpected capabilities. Such as being able to emulate a Playstation 2 with dignity.

In the past few days, the possibility of using a feature called "Dev Mode", already present on Xbox One and regularly revived on new systems. This is a feature that allows you to use UWP (Universal Windows Protocol) apps on your console and this also includes RetroArch, a front end for emulators of various types. Once installed, just get the one for the system you want to emulate and that's it.

Xbox Series X and Series S have thus proved to be able to run the games of the most varied platforms of the past without major problems, at least until the PSP era, and to get some pretty unexpected results too.

As ascertained by Modern Vintage Gamer indeed, Series S manages to emulate Playstation 2 with rather satisfactory results.

The best-selling console of all time has always been rather difficult to re-propose and has historically created many headaches for fans of emulation, but the "little one" of the Microsoft home succeeds in the task more than dignified.

However, RetroArch on Xbox is not perfect and allows you to play titles weighing no more than 2GB, effectively cutting out a part of the PS2 catalog. As shown in the video though, Series S can successfully run games like Metal Gear Solid 2 or Jak & Daxter and shows the side only with those titles that put the emulator used in real difficulty: this is the case of Gran Turismo 4, a particularly demanding game in terms of resources, which is affected by some drop in frame rates and problems in playing the soundtrack .

It must be said that Microsoft will hardly officially support the use of emulators on the Xbox Series X and Series S, but the possibility of playing the titles of the older Playstation generations on an Xbox is still surprising, especially considering how much of the software produced at the time is confined to the original systems, since PS5 is backwards compatible only with PS4 and all the retrogaming allowed by the Japanese house is confined to the titles made available on Playstation Now.