Halo Infinite Battle Royale 343 IndustriesIn the past few hours a rumor su Halo Infinite which he stated as in the new title of 343 Industries there would have been a Battle Royale mode. Detractors of the genre were promptly alarmed about this eventuality and will be happy to hear that the leaked information was not reliable.

Brian Jarrard, community director of the software house, has in fact clarified that the rumors recently appeared on the net are completely fake.

"Nothing makes a post-holiday Monday better like fresh and unfounded rumors about Halo Infinite"

No Battle Royale therefore and a narrow escape for those who just did not want to see this mode in a title of the Master Chief saga. Jarrard has it anyway ammesso and this incorrect information could be avoided with better communication from 343 Industries itself and that this will happen starting from the news that will be made public in a couple of weeks.

“Anyway yes, we are aware that we could help resolve the situation with real news. We are certainly late on some things and are eager to talk more about them. We are currently putting together a year-end update ”.

Appointment with new information postponed to December 17 then, perhaps with the official announcement of a new Halo Infinite release date which, currently, is generically placed in 2021.