Halo Infinite could receive a modality Battle Royale, according to an internal leaker a Microsoft who summed it all up in a small Twitter thread.

According to what is written, 343 Industries would be willing to release a modality Battle Royale participation set inside the ring Halo Zeta. However, this new mode may not launch with the game already postponed the 2021.


(You have been warned)

Also, it looks like the team is still working on the ending of the game and is currently considering the inclusion of two different endings, which would shape the future of the franchise for the next few years. Finally, the leaker talks about an eventual Halo Wars 3 and a subdivision of Halo Infinite into 4 chapters, which will be released over the 10 years of support for the game.

Of course we invite you to take these leaks with a grain of salt and wait for the release of new ones information through the official channels of 343 Industries.