CD Project Red ha ... ahem ... postponed any discussion related to additional content for cyberpunk 2077 until the post-launch period of the last RPG of the Polish software house. To report it is the head VGC which replies the words spoken by the president of the company Adam Kicinski during the last financial meeting.

Cyberpunk 2077 MotorcycleHere is Kiciński's answer to the question related to any season pass coming soon:

“The initial plan was a pre-release announcement, but after the recent postponements, we decided to wait for the release to deliver the game to players and then start talking about future projects. So, after the release. "

Recall that Cyberpunk 2077 orwill offer both free and paid DLCs, with the latter following the model adopted in the past with The Witcher 3. Finally Kiciński spoke about the Multiplayer coming in 2021:

“This is a separate production. And we are thinking of it as a standalone production, although it is still linked to the Cyberpunk Single Player experience […] I have already said that for now we will not talk too much about future projects. So I invite you to join us in the first quarter of next year when we share our new strategies. "