Mojang announced the addition of new moderation tools to the Bedrock version of Minecraft. These new options will allow you to permanently ban users who do not comply with community rules while using services such as Realms or servers, or communicating online through books or signs.

Singleplayer players will not be subject to this moderation. The Java version, unlike that Bedrock, will not undergo these changes. Minecraft has always had an option to ban players from servers, but now it can completely block them from using the game.

At the moment the instrument still looks rough. The only option for moderators is permaban, which punishes very serious behavior. Mojang also said he was working on a temporary ban system for less serious violations. 

The rules to follow will be those of Minecraft community, which include examples of banned behavior. Hate speach, explicit content, threats, doxxing, links to malicious software, pretending to be developers, using cheats and commercial spam. 

Doubts remain about how much moderators will be willing to use such a tool in a game that claims bans are permanent, non-negotiable and irreversible.