Google would be ready to make 400 games available for Stadia, according to Jack Buser, service director of the company's video games section. Buser quoted the figure in an interview with MobileSyrup, adding that video games will prove from 200 different developers. 

The interview reveals no further details. To know the individual titles that will debut on stadia it will be necessary wait for 2021, when the games are released.

Buser used these numbers to confirm Google's long-term commitment in the Stadia project, going so far as to state that plans for the platform currently extend until 2023.

"We are looking into the future for many years, gaming is one of the areas of greatest interest to Google. Which is the reason we have invested so much money, giving these developers the ability to bring new games to the platform. "

Among these games are also included some exclusives created by Google itself or by controlled development houses such as Harmonix. The company has recently taken on some big names in the industry like former Ubisoft and EA Jade Raymond and former Sony Shannon Studstill.

Buser has promised that in addition to increasing the number of exclusives on Stadia, the platform will soon be able to leverage its cloud nature to deliver an experience impossible to obtain with the limitations of traditional systems, like console or PC.