The wait is over! The countdown activated last week by Square Enix reached midnight in Japan and in its place came the announcement of something new, Neo: The World Ends with You.

The new title in the series is coming towards summer 2021 on Nintendo Switch and PS4 will be set again in the city of Shibuya, but without much of the main cast from the first title. Also, starting with this chapter the series finally embraces the Cel-shaded 3D and will allow players to control 4 players of the Reapers' Game: LaughingFreight, Nagi Sho Minamimoto, old acquaintance for all fans of the series.

Finally, also today a new trailer was released for the animated series coming in for April 2021 and that will give everyone the chance to see the adventures of Neku and his companions before the release of this Neo: The World Ends with You.