PS5 Game PassOver the past few months, Jim Ryan had spoken clearly about a possible Sony version of Xbox Game Pass to accompany the launch of PS5: "It's not sustainable".

The Playstation boss had traced this choice to an increase in development costs that would not have allowed them to continue producing titles of the same quality as those that had made the brand famous and therefore, think of offering their own exclusives on day one. a subscription service, for Sony it wouldn't make any sense.

Pressed again on the subject, however, Jim Ryan has unbuttoned on a possible response from the company to the Xbox Game Pass.

“There will be news about it, just not today. We have Playstation Now, which is our subscription service, and that is already available in several markets ”.

It is not clear what the CEO of SIE is referring to, but it is very unlikely that it is the Playstation Plus Collection which debuted on PS5 and which allows you to play a small selection of titles belonging to the PS4 generation. Rather, it could be an evolution of the Playstation Now, a streaming game service that already allows you to play a catalog of titles that appeared on previous Sony consoles.

The only certain thing to expect though, in light of Ryan's previous words, is that the next Sony exclusives will not be present within this hypothetical new service, at least not on day one, for the reasons already stated above.