Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memories is finally out and for the occasion Tetsuya Nomura was interviewed by the Japanese newspaper Dengeki Online. During the interview, kindly translated by the site Gematsu, the infamous director talked about the plans related to 20 Anniversary of the series, released in 2002 su PS2.

Here is the translation of the main points:

  • NRAMA: The story has reached a conclusion at KH3, but there are still some unsolved mysteries.
    R: “I intend to close all the stories left open, but I also want to change the format. I want to drastically change the world and tell a new story. "
  • Q: How many times have you found yourself planning for the future during development? For example, was the idea of ​​Roxas already present during the development of the original Kingdom Hearts?
    R: “I usually plan a sequel in advance. While working on the original Kingdom Hearts, I was thinking about Chain of Memories. For Kingdom Hearts 2 and Roxas, I was thinking of a game with a new protagonist, but it wasn't a concrete idea at the time. "
  • Q: I wonder what kind of game a Kingdom Hearts game could be for Next-Gen consoles…
    R: “If we were to make a next-generation console game, it would come out after so many other titles from the other companies arrive, so I think we should create something that can compete with them. Obviously, it's all hypothetical speech since we haven't announced anything coming to PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. "

In closing, Nomura confirmed that the team already has something in mind for the future, and that we will most likely see during the twentieth anniversary of the brand, scheduled for 2022.