xCloudxCloud, Microsoft's streaming game platform, has been available for a few months on mobile devices and the subscription to the same is included within the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The project of the Redmond house, however, foresees its extension on other platforms. Over the past few weeks Phil Spencer had confirmed the existence of a plan to bring xCloud to consoles as well, including the old Xbox One, by 2021 while, for the PC version, rumors stated that this had been in a first beta phase in Microsoft's studios for a few months.

Today the very first images of this declination of the service arrive, shown in a video by Windows Central.

The application shown is the test version for developers and it is practically identical to the one that players already have available on their mobile devices. This will most likely be integrated into the Xbox app for PC and will allow users to take advantage of the Xbox One S version of the titles in the catalog, also taking advantage of all the services made available by Microsoft. Particularly high-performance hardware will not be required to fully exploit the service: a PC with a browser installed and a good connection is all that will be needed to access it.

xCloud for PC does not have an official release date but the launch will, in all probability, take place in the course of 2021.