CD Project Red has released a new episode of the Night City Wire, the series dedicated to news for cyberpunk 2077. This time the theme the episode saw as protagonists Current-Gen console like Xbox One X, platforms that - due to their obvious limitations - have led to the postponement of the game to the next December 10 2020.

In this new gameplay video, we can see the game in all its tamarraggine and beauty from two particular points of view: through the eyes of the aforementioned Xbox One X and her little sister Xbox Series X, with the latter in mode backward compatibility.

In addition to the obvious differences in the rendering of lights and details on screen, the game runs a 30 fps on both consoles, with some slight drop in frame rates on Xbox One X. Nevertheless, these performances coincide - according to CD Projekt - with those present within the version PS4 e PS5 (again through backwards compatibility).

To experience the night city in all its glory, owners of Next-Gen consoles will have to wait Next year, when the free upgrade for new consoles will be released.

Finally, the date for the next Night City Wire dedicated mainly to the character of Johnny Silverhand: 19 November 2020.