Released in 2018celeste turned out to be a platform game by nature remarkably open; not only in terms of gameplay - through a scalable difficulty depending on the player's skills - but also in terms of The topics discussed, first among all gender inclusiveness. The latter was recently reiterated by the creator non-binary of the game Maddy Thorson through an article posted on the site Medium.

Celeste Madeline Transgender LGBTQ + Extremely OK GamesThe developer has indeed revealed gender identity of the protagonist Madeline, canonizing a theory brought forward by the community following the finale of the Farewell DLC, released last year: Madeline is transgender.

“During Celeste's development, I didn't know Madeline was trans. While developing the Farewell DLC, I started forming an intuition. After development, I know we both are. "

Subsequently, Thorson revealed that the development team did not want to accentuate the identity of the protagonist through its design to avoid a "Situation a la JK Rowling" or the start of flame around the game.