Today is November 7, 2020 and like any fan of Mass Effect you know, N7 is the perfect day for a big themed announcement. And so it was: Bioware Electronic Arts have finally confirmed the arrival of the long-awaited remastered of the Trilogy dedicated to Commander Shepard.

This new collection called Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, will include within it the first three chapters of the saga released between 2007 and 2012, thus excluding the controversial Mass Effect: Andromeda. In addition, these new versions - as in any self-respecting remastered - will enjoy higher resolutions and frame rates, inclusion di all DLC related to the single player campaign, textures, effects and 3D models of superior quality.

The release of this collection is scheduled for Spring 2021 su PC, PS4 Xbox One. Of course, this game will also come optimized for Next-Gen PS5 consoles Xbox Series S / X.