Xbox series sWith Xbox series s, Microsoft has promised gamers access to the next-gen at a more affordable price. However, one of the compromises to be accepted is that of a low-capacity SSD memory which, without a doubt, has worried those interested in the machine a lot.

Despite a memory of only 512GB, the Redmond house had reassured everyone by stating that the Series S versions of the titles would have had an average weight reduced by 30% compared to those for Series X. And the promise seems to have been kept, at least with Xbox exclusives.

According to what was found in the tests carried out by Gamespot in fact, it appears that Series S games actually take up less space. Among the examples given are those of Forza Horizon 4, which drops to 71GB from the 84 Series X; Gears 5, which goes from 72GB to 55 e Sea of ​​Thieves, which from 46,6GB of weight on the flagship console drops to just 17 on the younger sister.

Undoubtedly good news for all interested in Xbox Series S, waiting to know if too titles produced by third parties they can be installed in a more “lean” version and less needing space on the SSD.