In the past hours Nintendo has published a new one financial report for shareholders, announcing the latest results achieved by the company in the field of earnings.

One of the most impressive news that emerges from the report is certainly the one that reports the number of units sold regarding Nintendo Switch, which is attested beyond 68,30 million of consoles placed on the market (including both the basis that the lite).

Thanks to this impressive result, Nintendo Switch therefore also exceeds the historic threshold of approximately 62 million consoles sold in Famicom is Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) for us Westerners, Nintendo's first home console.

At the top of the big N's best-selling consoles, it remains firmly anchored Nintendo Wii, than with its titanics 101.63 million of units sold will hardly be displaced from the podium, even if in the videogame world everything is possible, so never say never.