Apex Legends season 7At 5 this morning, Italian time, Apex Legends players officially entered the Seasonings 7 of the famous battle royale of Respawn. With Ascension the doors of Olympus, the new arena (which replaces Kings Canyon in the rotations) on which the battles of the first split of the season will take place, with important news.

Above all there is the debut of the new playable character, Horizon, with skills based on gravity manipulation that go well with the new city, the scene of the clashes. In it, players will also find the Trident, a three-seater vehicle with which to move faster that represents a real novelty for the game published by EA.

Finally, with Ascension, Apex Legends finally lands on Steam, where it can be downloaded from yesterday. To access the game, you still need to login with your own account Origin.