Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 has recently been postponed, many of its creators have left the development team and the success of the game it is anything but certain, but this did not stop Paradox Interactive from surprisingly announcing a new project dedicated to the RPG series: a Battle Royale between vampires.

Through this little teaser by 33 seconds, the publisher has revealed the start of production of the title under Sharkbomb, a team of developers operating in the cities of Malmö and London, with ex-staffers from Io Interactive and Massive Entertainment. Obviously, no launch window was provided.

Of course, Paradox Interactive owns the rights to the franchise and this new spin-off will not penalize the progress made by Hardsuit Labs, but this multiplayer twist has already created discontent within the fanbase, which loudly asks the question of the questions: Who is this product for?