AnthemEven if with the headlights off, The work on the Anthem revamp is proceeding shipped to BioWare, the looter shooter released almost two years ago and shipwrecked after a few months due to the enormous amount of problems that afflicted him.

The software house showed the new UI of the game, that has a very similar structure to that of Destiny 2. Weapons have been divided into "primary" and "secondary" while the component system has been replaced by mods and artifacts. Each Javelin (representing a class in Anthem) will have its own skill tree from which to choose its active and passive skills, as well as the ability to customize the equipped artifact.

Anthem Next, this is the unofficial title of version 2.0 of the game, is currently in the works at BioWare Austin, a smaller team that is working on restructuring the title while the main studio, located in Edmonton, is busy building the new Dragon Age.