On October 27th CD Projekt Red has postponed the release of Cyberpunk 2077 again. The new date is December 10, 21 days after that previously announced.

Fans of the Polish studio have been quite tolerant of these delays in the past, willing to trade a bit of a wait for a superior product. This time, however, the announcement caused quite violent adverse reactions. 

According to a tweet from Andrzej Zawadzki, Senior game designer of the project, some developers of the game would have suffered, death threats. In the post Zawadzki appeals to the humanity of the fans, recalling that even those who work behind Cyberpunk are nothing more than a person.

The sudden anger would be exacerbated by a tweet just before the announcement of the delay in the release of the game. The Cyberpunk profile, always very active in the responses to users, had confirmed the release date in November.

Second Jason Schreier, Bloomberg reporter, this incident would be due to the fact that even CD Projekt employees were not aware of the decision before it was publicly announced. The choice to postpone the game would be kept under wraps due to some stock market rules.