Even beforeCyberpunk 2077 release, the most anticipated game of the year has already made available its dose of secondary products. From chairs to consoles to an anime series, marketing has gone wild, and it's now being added to the list a digital comic.

It will be called Cyberpunk 2077: Big City Dreams, and will be exclusive to Gog.com. Anyone who pre-ordered the game will be able to read the comic starting from November 19. For everyone else, the comic will be available by purchasing the game on Gog.

The author is Bartosz Sztybor, narrative director of Cyberpunk 2077 at CD Project, while the drawings were done by Felix Andrade and from Italian Alessio Fioriniello. The story will follow Tasha and Mirek, a couple of Night City scavengers.

One of the central themes of the comic will be virtual reality. The two protagonists will in fact make extensive use of braindance, their personal virtual world. This technology also allows the last of Night City to experience real or fictional memories, or other lives. You can be rich and famous in virtual reality, just pay.

Braindences are widespread throughout the population of Night City, but are becoming a problem in the poorest segments. Their function of escape from reality is becoming addictive for those who want to completely forget their real life. 

This technology will also be a fundamental part of the game, as seen in the first Night City Wire. In the long gameplay shown on that occasion, the protagonist could experience sensations and emotions of the people whose memories he relived.