Yesterday, October 14, many owners of PlayStation 4 have encountered problems of various kinds due to the new Sony console firmware update. 

Many angry users have flocked to social media, Twitter and Reddit above all, listing a series of errors and malfunctions caused by the new update. The most common error codes are the WS-44369-6, WS-36770-3 and WS-37505-0, of which the first two have no correspondence in the Sony technical support system.

Sony's only sign that it has acknowledged the problem on its official sites appears on the PSN Service Status, where some problems are reported for online services. Indeed the problems that users most commonly report are the disappearance of the friends list, voice chat and party chat. 

The international profiles of Playstation on social networks are not giving any kind of communication regarding the problem. Only the Japanese one admitted the drawbacks and an investigation would be underway to find out the causes.