Call of Duty Modern Warfare PC players they will be familiar with the size of the game by now. At the last update CoD took up more than 230GB memory. But starting this week, players will be able take back a part of that space.

For a normal hard drive 230GB is a more than sustainable figure, but if you want to start the game on an SSD, the situation changes. The most common sizes for solid memory on the market are 250GB or 500GB. Seeing the memory occupied almost entirely or in any case half by a single game is a considerable annoyance.

However, the new patch introduces a feature that partially solves this problem. Through a special menu players will be able to uninstall content they are not interested in. It will be possible to remove the single player campaign, the classic multiplayer and special ops, in any combination.

The campaign weighs about 35GB, the multiplayer 42 and the special ops 38, for a total of 115GB, which means being able to reduce the game to half its size. It is easy to notice though that an option to uninstall the battleroyale mode, Warzone, is missing.