Bayonetta 3 has disappeared from the radar for quite some time, but here comes the creator Hideki Kamiya to rekindle the hopes. New information next week?

After the video announcement at The Game Awards 2017, Bayonetta 3 disappeared into the shadows. Now, however, after three years, we could find ourselves facing the arrival of new information even next week, or at least this is what is suggested by Kamiya himself via Twitter.

The game director has in fact responded to the request of a fan about the arrival of new information regarding Bayonetta 3, with the following tweet:

"Next week, in a game magazine"

Given the extremely joking nature of Hideki Kamiya we do not know if this information can be true or not, but we remain confident of having news soon about the return of the witch of Chade.

We remind you that Bayonetta 3 is expected exclusively for Nintendo Switch.