After a long wait, Baldur's Gate III Early Access is finally available. Players from all over the world will be able to experience the first chapter of the game, creating their own characters and testing the rules model you on those of D&D fifth edition.

But not everyone knows that buying Larian's game is signing itself up a secret clause. No scams though, the developers' request is more art than money. Breaking this pact will lead you to give up eternal fame and glory, so if you have the game for the hands, read carefully:

"By signing this Covenant, you agree to send Larian one (1) recording of a song, a song, a text, a poem or an interpretive dance made by you that enhance your passion for the Forgotten Realms.

If you fail to fulfill this covenant within three winters of its signing, you will forever give up the fame, fortune and / or infamy that is due to you as a founding member of the Guild of the Great Genius.

You hereby warrant to Larian the perpetual right to share your performance on all social media without license or payment obligations. "

Pacts of this kind are not unique in the world of tabletop RPG publishing. If you check your fifth edition D&D Player's Handbook, you will find a clause that states that Wizard of the Coast is not responsible for any failed saving throws. 

The same Larian in the EULA that hides the aforementioned pact, strongly advises players against making pacts with goblins, devils or other dangerous creatures.