Like many of the Apex Legends they will remember, the battle royale di Electronic Arts Respawn Entertainment it was released in complete secrecy, leaving streamers to advertise the game. Well, it seems that this situation has allowed a member of the development team to postpone the release of the title, in order to become a father.

The news came from ex-Apex online coder Jon Shiring who, just last year, went to Los Angeles to sign the necessary papers for the adoption of his daughter. As the court session and the game's release would happen at the same time, at 10am on February 4, 2020, sending Shiring into a panic. It was at that moment that Drew McCoy, the ex-executive producer of Respawn, convinced the team to delay the game's release for the first American afternoon.

There is nothing to say except that this story represents a ray of sunshine within a darkened industry from the many stories of crunch issued by countless anonymous employees in recent months.