505 Games takes the reins of indivisible after the dissolution of the team of Lab Zero Games happened a few months ago. Through a press release released on the game's Twitter page, the publisher exposed its own roadmap.

First of all, no Guest Star characters will be made and released, as obviously the production of such contents can no longer be feasible. This has generated several complaints from players who supported the title during the Kickstarter campaign.

Subsequently, the publisher announced not only the arrival of a new update for the version Nintendo Switch coming October 13, 2020, which will include the challenges of Razmi, the New Game +, and the Couch Co-Op, thus bringing all console and PC versions on the same level; but also announced the beginning of the production of the various rewards for the backers and which will be sent by 505 Games itself.

Finally, the rumored removal of the game from the market was denied. Indivisible will remain available in digital and physical versions except for the physical release for Nintendo Switch in North America.