In addition to talking about the optimization done for Nintendo Switch, the developers of Monster hunter rise they spoke to the microphones of IGN and unveiled new details on the latest installment of the Action RPG series of Capcom.

According to the words of the director Yasunori Ichinose and the producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, the development of Monster Hunter Rise would begin in 2015 immediately after the release of the chapter Generations for Nintendo 3DS and not at the same time as World, as many fans guessed.

Talking about the Nomenclature of the new title, Capcom has decided to adapt a new system for the next titles. Moving away from the classic numbering, the new games will use a title that will highlight their main peculiarity (the presence of vertical settings in Rise, for example).

Finally, unlike the big brother, Monster Hunter Rise will not receive it additional expansions like Iceborne. It is still unclear whether this will involve a re-release of a version or not Ultimate of the game.